TooManyGames 2015 Exhibition

Hi guys,

This is my first time actually showing off a game at a local convention under my company name. Originally, I planned to show off a demo of my main project, but I didn’t have it ready at the time. So, I showed off my side project called Fireman Pissaro, which I submitted for Ludum Dare 32 and IndieCade 2015.

Here are my photos from all three days:

Before and after set up.

IMG_1805 IMG_0842

Show time!

IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0884 IMG_0896 IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0899 IMG_0900 IMG_0902 IMG_1813

Video clip of an attendee playing the game to the end.

Some food pictures while I was there.

IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1812

This was my first time manning my own booth at a convention. While Friday wasn’t too bad, Saturday (the longest) was really tiring. Staying in one place while not doing much makes me want to sleep at some times. Also, I didn’t want to leave my booth unattended for too long. On Sunday, I had a friend who helped me with my booth at certain time slots so I could have some breaks (he had some breaks too). If I’m going to do this again, I plan to ask some of my friends for help at least a week ahead (if they’re in town).

Before I forget, here is the scoreboard for the event (those who submitted their scores).

  1. Foxy – 717
  2. Mike – 441
  3. Jason S – 407
  4. Foxy – 226
  5. Wally – 210
  6. Krafty – 157
  7. Nick – 127
  8. Mitch – 122
  9. DAH – 111
  10. Mitch – 104
  11. Foxy – 101
  12. Jared Y – 97
  13. TBC – 88
  14. DHJ – 86
  15. George – 79
  16. Pervad – 75
  17. Mik – 60
  18. Killer Furze – 53
  19. Rudy – 44
  20. Kyle – 37
  21. Luke – 36
  22. Ace – 27
  23. TBC – 23
  24. CNP – 14

The response from a lot of people I met has been overall positive. Hope I see you guys again next time!

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